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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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For a clean environment

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Lasys 5 - 7 june 2018: International trade fair for laser material processing.
New product AT3 Panel: Equipped with new functions. Provides information on operating conditions and enables centralized control.
Application domains
Electronic sector
Elimination of dust's micro particles in the production of electronic components (printed circuit boards, chips ...). Adaptable cleanroom.
High suction performance of fine particles in the process of manufacturing and assembly in the production of electronic devices.
Machine tools
Machine tools
Collection of fine particles and dust in small parts production to ensure a clean environment.
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Inovative products
CKU Series
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Compact dust collectors

Compact low pressure dust collectors for suspended particulates (suction hose, hood, nozzle).
Suitable for Cleanroom.


Power: 150W~450W 
Maximal air flow: 3.3m3/min~7.0m3/min 
Maximal static pressure: 1.40kPa~2.90kPa

Laser Series
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Dust collector from laser marking

Dust Collectors for smoke and odors from laser marking with unique filtration process and patented to extend life of filters.


Power: 90W~450W 
Maximal air flow: 2.0m3/min~3.2m3/min 
Maximal static pressure: 1.35kPa~9.50kPa

CBA Series
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Compact dust collector

Compact high pressure dust collectors with a power equal to a vacuum cleaner: suction closed to the source.
Suitable for cleanroom.


Power: 250W~1200W 
Maximal air flow: 1.5m3/min~4.3m3/min 
Maximal static pressure: 1.5kPa~8.7kPa

SK Series
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dust collectors

Compact low pressure dust collectors with visibility to the status of filters, suitable for a general environment.


Power: 250W~750W 
Maximal air flow: 5.5m3/min~15m3/min 
Maximal static pressure: 1.85kPa~3.3kPa

depoussiereur portatif CHV
  Ultra small dust collector information
Ultra small dust collector

Ultra small high pressure dust collector, ultra compact, ultra convenient.


Maximal air flow: 0.9m3/min
Maximal static pressure: 5,2kPa

Weight: 2.38kg

Depoussiereur avec cyclone integre
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dust collector with an integrated cyclone

Compact high pressure dust collector with an integrated cyclone.


Power: 250~2000W 
Maximal air flow: 1.5~6.4m3/min
Maximal static pressure: 9.0~10.0kPa


Laser dust collector CFP
  Laser processing dust collector information
Dust collector for laser processing

Dust collector CFP series for laser processing: drilling, cutting, trimming.


Power: 450W~900W 
Maximal air flow: 3.2~6.3m3/min 
Maximal static pressure: 5.6~9.5kPa

Cyclone Series
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An economical solution to collect a large volume of dust and protect the filters (a combination of a cyclone and a compact high pressure dust collector).


Air flow: 1.0m3/min~1.5m3/min

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Accessories Chiko Airtec

Transparent PVC hoses, Extraction arms,noozle, hose clamp.

Design of compact dust collectors and fume collectors for optimization of manufacturing processes in industry. Chiko Airtec, manufacturer specialized in compact dust collectors.

Chiko Airtec dust and fume collectors were designed to help you increase profitability and quality of your production while maintaining a clean environment to work.

Very Compact: very comfort for working, lightweight, easy to transport and integrate, dust collectors can be easily placed in tight spaces, all along a production line.

Goal: maximum miniaturization for a high capacity of suction capacity.

High economic performance: improvement in the time of production downtime, reduced maintenance, energy conservation, preservation of products, protection of production tools, extending the life of filters.
Goal: reliability, performance and profitability for optimal satisfaction.

Environmental Protection: ensuring the health of users, providing optimal working conditions, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality in industrial areas.
Goal: protection and respect for the environment throughout the product life cycle.

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Innovations !

First manufacturer to fit on very small dust collectors and fume collectors, a remote control (with synchronization plug) and a control panel equipped with speed regulator, filter situation indication, anomaly indication.

For laser marking, design of a compact and high performance dust collector without loss of suction power until filter saturation.