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The NK-150 vacuum cleaner meets the extremely strict demands for cleanrooms and hospitals, while costing very little. It is ideal in order to maintain a clean working environment. Based on the same principle as the traditional vacuum cleaner, it is very easy to handle.

This completely hermetic cleaner is equipped with a bag in 5-layer polyester with a filtration rate of 95%, an internal HEPA filter and when necessary, an external HEPA filter for motor-generated particulates.  Its maximum filtration rate is 99.97%.

Subject to minimum purchase quantities. Only available in 100V.

Vacuum cleaner features

NK-150 vacuum cleaner


  • Clean air ejection.
  • Double capture of particulates thanks to an inside and an outside HEPA filter.
  • Possibility to be used as an air blower.
  • Very easy filter replacement.
  • 3-litre polyester bag capable of extracting 99% of dust particles with a minimum diameter of 4 microns.
  • Bag closure with a cap to avoid all contact of hands with dust.
  • Light, compact and easily transportable.
  • Accessories supplied : nozzles, floor brush, round brush and flat tube.

Download (284Ko)

Internal HEPA filter   External HEPA filter   Polyester bag filtration rate of 95%
Internal HEPA filter   External HEPA filter  

High Performance polyester bag

Schematic representations


Vacuum cleaner Schematic NK 150

Technical specifications

Reference NK-150
Voltage 100V-220V-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power supply 1030W
Intensity 10A
Air flow 1.8m3/min
Static pressure 21kpa
Dimensions (LxWxH) 445x400x540
Weight 7.2kg

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