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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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Very small high performance machines

A concentration of CHIKO’s highly technological knowhow

Functions: protecting employees, preserving products and material, maintaining a clean environment, eliminating odors.

Thanks to a demanding innovation policy Chiko Airtec dust collectors:
  • Can be used in workshops, production line and cleanrooms (class 10,000~100).
  • Can be put to every workstation as they are very small and compact.
  • Are comfortably moveable.
  • Integrate easily to solutions proposed by integrators.
  • Run 24h-a-day without any overheating risk.
  • Are equipped with a synchronization plug and a control panel (speed regulator, filter saturation indicator, anomalies indicator).

Efficient and practical filters

  • A unique patented process based on zeolite in order to increase useful life of the filters (CBA DSA range).
  • Very easy change of filters, guaranteeing high yields.
  • Extraction of all types of particulates and odors.
  • Activated carbon filters for removing odors.
  • HEPA filters for a maximum filtration of 99,97 %.
  • Automatic or manual restoration of the main filter.

Example Applications

Production lines examples
motherboard   LCD   cellphones
Particulate extraction for motherboards   Particulate extraction from sticking process of LCD screen   Particulate extraction from cell phone before painting operation
motherboard   bottle cap   bottleneck
Extraction of bigger metallic or resin particulates from motherboard   Particulate extraction of cosmetic bottle cap by air blower   Fallen dust extraction by suction from above with air blower in the bottleneck.
assembly machines   grinding process   medecine dosage
Particulate extraction from cutting and drilling operations of printed-circuits board assembly machines   Particulate extraction from grinding process   Extraction of particulates in suspension for medicine dosage
grinding, sanding   dental plaster molds   medecine dosage
Collection of particulate from grinding, sanding (possibility of recovering precious particulates)   Particulate extraction in manufacturing of dental plaster molds   Collection of particulate in suspension for medecine dosage
Various Applications
laser marking   laser cutting process   pressing process
Extraction of fumes and odors from laser marking   Extraction of fumes and odors from laser cutting process   Particulate extraction in pressing process of parts production
film   powder and tablet compression process   grinding, turning discs
Particulate extraction from film reels surface   Powder and tablet compression process from the mold by press   Collection of particles from grinding/turning discs
dashboards   car bumpers    
Neutralization and particulate extraction from dashboards with air blower   Particulate extraction from car bumpers by air blower    

Branches of activity concerned

  • The electronics and electrical industries (e.g. the manufacture of plasma, lithium batteries and electronic components such as semi-conductors and liquid crystals).
  • The car industry.
  • The mechanics industry.
  • The food industry.
  • The pharmaceuticals industry and medical laboratories.
  • Research centres and universities.



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