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An economical solution for solving the problem of important emission of dust (for particulates > 10µ). Very powerful (1030W) and compact (260x260x265), light (8kg), easy to carry and to install, the CVA-1030 combined to the cyclone is ideal for an efficient aspiration at the source while preventing from the saturation of filters.

Dust collector & cyclone

Dust collector CVA-1030


Dust collector

  • Adaptable to several suction sources (x4).
  • Maximum filtration rate of 99,97% (particulates ≥ 0,3µ).


  • Used as a prefilter or a separator of fine and heavy particulates for general applications.
  • Favor cost minimization of the dust collector filter.
  • Large capacity: 8 to 18L.
  • Applications examples: dental technician, packing process, precious particulates collecting, box cleaning prior to assembly and various packagings.

Dust, more dense than the air, penetrates inside the cyclone over the top. It is caught in a circular movement towards the partition and fall inside the container by gravity. The clean air and micro-particulates go to the cyclone central zone in an inverted circular movement and are evacuated towards the dust collector. A second cyclone separates heavy particulates and fine particulates, and reduces dust emission at the exit.

Download (288Ko)

Schematic representations


Schema Dust collector CVA-1030
Schema Cyclone

Technical specifications

Reference CVA-1030
Voltage 220V-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power supply 1030W
Intensity 8.4A/6.2A
Air flow 1.35/1.0m3/min
Static pressure 10/7kPa
Weight 8kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 265x260x260mm

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