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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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CHIKO AIRTEC fume and dust collectors are dedicated to suck fume, fine particulates at the source (metal, plastic, silica, precious material, various powders…), in different sectors requiring a precision work: electronics, mechanics, car industry, pharmaceutics, clock/watchmaking, dental technicians…

Production lines examples
motherboard   LCD   cellphones
Particulate extraction for motherboards   Particulate extraction from sticking process of LCD screen   Particulate extraction from cell phone before painting operation
motherboard   bottle cap   bottleneck
Extraction of bigger metallic or resin particulates from motherboard   Particulate extraction of cosmetic bottle cap by air blower   Fallen dust extraction by suction from above with air blower in the bottleneck.
assembly machines   grinding process   medecine dosage
Particulate extraction from cutting and drilling operations of printed-circuits board assembly machines   Particulate extraction from grinding process   Extraction of particulates in suspension for medicine dosage
grinding, sanding   dental plaster molds   medecine dosage
Collection of particulate from grinding, sanding (possibility of recovering precious particulates)   Particulate extraction in manufacturing of dental plaster molds   Collection of particulate in suspension for medecine dosage
Various Applications
laser marking   laser cutting process   pressing process
Extraction of fumes and odors from laser marking   Extraction of fumes and odors from laser cutting process   Particulate extraction in pressing process of parts production
film   powder and tablet compression process   grinding, turning discs
Particulate extraction from film reels surface   Powder and tablet compression process from the mold by press   Collection of particles from grinding/turning discs
dashboards   car bumpers    
Neutralization and particulate extraction from dashboards with air blower   Particulate extraction from car bumpers by air blower    

Compact fume collectors and dust extractors

Very small fume and odour collectors for lasers

Highly effective for eliminating all kinds of fumes and odours created by the use of lasers (marking, micro-cutting, engraving).

Compact fume collectors for cleanrooms and micro-processing

Small high performance extractors permitting easy maintenance. Ideal for eliminating suspension particulates from machines used in cleanrooms.

Compact all purpose fume collectors

Powerful units ensuring fast dust elimination.

Very small and powerful fume collectors for microparticles

Very compact dust collectors (A4 size) and very powerful (8kPa to 10kPa). Adapted for precision work with a suction at the source.

Dust extractor & Cyclone

Efficient units for general use, adaptable to all environments.

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