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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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Four models of fume collectors, ideal for laser marking, micro-cutting, micro-graving, micro-welding. Very compact, light, silent (60 to 64 db), easy to carry, they can be used in all types of working environment (workshop, production lines, cleanroom) and integrates easily into solutions proposed by integrators.

High pressure laser fume collectors


RoHSCE LabelCleanroom

  1. Main filter using exclusive CHIKO AIRTEC technology.  Collects clogging particulates without causing early filter saturation.
  2. Filter with activated carbon to eliminate odors.
  3. High Performance filter.
  4. Final filter : High Performance or HEPA.
  5. Maximum filtration rate is 99.9% of particulates with a minimal diameter of 0.3 µ.


Collectors consist of four detachable parts, thus providing easy access to filters, as well as simple filter replacement and verification of filter status.  They are designed for lasting use without prior maintenance.  No maintenance is in fact necessary.

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RoHSCESalle blanche

  1. Principal filter using a unique technology by CHIKO AIRTEC able to suck clogging particulates without filter early saturation.
  2. Filter restoration system to increase filter lifetime.
  3. Control panel: speed regulator (level 1 to 7), filter situation indication, anomaly indication.
  4. Synchronization plug with the laser.
  5. HEPA final filter for a clean air outlet.
  6. Filter with activated carbon removing odors.
  7. Possibility to evacuate air outside.


RoHSCESalle blanche

  1. Very small dimensions, ideal for very narrow spaces (264x264x502 mm).
  2. AT panel board: indication of saturation, or anomalies, speed control with 7 levels.
  3. Synchronization plug for direct connection with laser applications.
  4. Optimal satisfaction in terms of performance and cost for applications like laser marking and welding, with low dust emissions.
  5. Pressure 2.5 times higher than the average of same-sized models.
  6. Low energy consuming: 150W.
  7. First filter with a special structure increasing the time before saturation.
  8. Secondary filter with activated carbon removing odors.
  9. Maximum filtration rate: 98 % for particulates ≥ 0.3µ .


RoHSCE Label

  HQ Filter SK-250AT-DS

Main filter
Filtration rate :  99.9% of particulates up to 0.3 micron in diameter.

  • The SK-250AT-DS collector is designed for non clogging fine particulates and odours generated by laser marking and welding.

  • Pre-filter: 5 thickness polyester bag for elimination of the largest particulates.  Capacity : 1 litre.

  • Cylindrical main filter with activated carbon incorporation.

  • Light indicator of bag and main filter saturation

Download (532Ko)

Schematic representations


Schematic fume collector CBA-080-HC-DSA


Schematic fume CBA-1200-HC-DSA


Schema fume collector CBA-1000AT-HC-DSA


Schematic fume collector CKU-060AT-ACC


Schematic fume collector SK-250AT-DS

Technical specifications

Reference CBA-080AT-HC-DSA-CE CBA-1200-HC-DSA-CE
Voltage 220V-240V 220V-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Power supply 250W 1200W
Intensity 4.3~2.1A 6.0A
Maximal air flow 1.50m3/min 4.3m3/min
Maximal static pressure 7.0kPa 10kPa
Weight 18kg 25kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 260x477x275mm 400x600x450mm

Reference CBA-1000AT-HC-DSA-CE CKU-060AT-ACC-CE
Power supply 220V-240V 220V-240V
Voltage 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Intensity 450W 150W
Frequency 6.0A 3.3A
Air flow 3.2m3/min 2.4m3/min
Static pressure 9.5kPa 1.8kPa
Weight 28.5kg 21.5kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 360x404x491mm 264x264x502mm

Reference SK-250AT-DS-CE
Power supply 220V-240V
Voltage 50/60Hz
Intensity 250W
Frequency 5A
Air flow 4.3m3/min
Static pressure 2.05kPa
Weight 23kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 370x395x365mm

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