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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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List of characteristics of fume collectors and dust extractors
All specifications for each product are given in the tables below, to help you choose the collector or extractor best suited to your needs.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

OP : option
△ : CE Label


Meaning of acronyms

  Characteristics Code       Unit designation
1 Product classification CKU Filtration unit with integrated bag
CBA High pressure filtration unit
CVA Very compact filtration unit
SK Transparent filtration unit
2 Particulate capture HC Purified air return for cleanrooms
3 Odour capture DS Activated carbon equipment
DSA Odour capture for lasers
4 Filter V1 Integrated HEPA filter
V2 Integrated ULPA filter
5 Frequency E 50Hz
W 60Hz
6 Voltage S 100V
T 200V
7 Remote control R Remote control included
8 Pressure monitor P Pressure monitor included
9 Number of inlets and internal diameter 38mm-2... Suction nozzle 38 mm in diameter with 2 identical inlets


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