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CHIKO AIRTEC Compact High Performance Dust Extractor
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For a clean environment

Chiko Airtec fume extractors and dust collectors are entirely made by CHIKO AIRTEC company, from motor to filters, in order to propose demand-adapted apparels, marrying performance, quality, reliability, filter long lifetime, while being the most compact possible.



CHIKO AIRTEC fume collectors and dust extractors are designed to conform to all the norms and guarantees imposed by Japanese legislation, to the very rigorous quality standards of the large Japanese industrial conglomerates, to the norms of the European Community and to the ROSH directives.  They are marked with the EC label.

Each CHIKO AIRTEC filtration unit undergoes more than 10 000 tests. These units conform to extremely high standards of quality and are designed for lasting use, without prior maintenance.

Directive ROSH

The ROSH Directive : Concerns the limitation of toxic products for the manufacture of electronic products. It was published in February 2003 and has been in force since July 2006:
Lead : less than 1,000ppm
Mercury : less than 1,000ppm
Cadmium : less than 100ppm
Chrome VI : less than 1,000ppm
Polybromobiphenyles (PBB) : less than 1,000ppm
Polybromodiphenylethers (PBDE) : less than 1,000ppm

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