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Dust Collector with Built-in Cyclone
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Suitable for use in processes that generate a relatively large amount of dust particles, such as resin cutting and drilling. Sucked particles enter the Cyclone unit where the centrifugation extracts 80% to 90% of particles 50 μ and larger and sends them to the lower tank.

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CCB Series

ATHighpressureTypeRoHS Clean RoomClean Room    ・CCB-080AT2-08-HC-V1    ・CCB-1000AT2-13-HC-V1For Ordinary EnvironmentsFor Ordinary Environments    ・ CCB-1200AT2-20    ・ CCB-2400AT2-20 Cyclone Chrome-plated stainless steel offers a smooth surface with minimal friction.The entire Cyclone unit is electrically grounded to minimize the generation of static electricity. (A branching pipe is required for extracting suction force.) Main dust panExhaust filterThe large inspection window allows an at-a-glance check of collected particles. 
The pan has a capacity of 8 L.The HEPA filter provided as standard equipment offers a filtration rate of 99.97% for particulates 
of 0.3μ and larger.It complies with cleanliness class 1,000.The fine-particle dust pan has a capacity of approximately 4 L.The pan slides out, allowing easy 
The amount of collected particles can be checked through the inspection window on the front side.Fine-particle dust panBackwash air is jetted from the blow nozzle while the filter mounting base rotates. 
(approximately 1 rotation/12 sec; about 140 L of compressed air (0.5 MPa) is consumed during 
this time period.)Rotary filter mounting baseAutomatic backwash function
The cylindrical filter is pleated to increase the surface area. 
Dust particles tend to collect at the valley fold sections, and this can lead to clogging.
Adhered dust particles can be removed from the filter even during operation by rotating the filter
and applying backwash when the valley fold sections face downward.<CCB-1200AT2-20/ CCB-2400AT2-20>The filter surface is covered with a porous Teflon membrane and the filter 
element is integrated with the ABS-resin outer frame. 
The main filter is designed for easy maintenance. It captures 99% or more 
of particles that are 10 μ and larger.Main filter
Remote cable(Remote operation)The use of a remote cable(sold separately),enables remote operation linked with peripheral equipment.This connector is used to input an operation signal for remote operation, or to output a signal.●Type of Remote Cable(Sold separately): MT-173-8 (3m)
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