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Ultra Small Dust Collector(Portable Type)
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This duct collector is ultra compact.
It is suitable for installation in production equipment and can also be used for cleaning manufacturing machines in clean rooms. It is the smallest high-pressure dust collector in the industry.
The unit is also ultra lightweight, weighing only 2.38 kg. A handle is provided for easy portability.
*As of January 21, 2013, according to our company survey.

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CHV-030AD-HC-V1

ATHigh pressure Type Clean Room  ●Ultra-small size for easy installation in production equipment.●Can also be used for cleaning manufacturing machines in Clean Rooms.●Parts attached to the main unit are made of materials that do not generate dust for extra cleanliness. The main case is aluminum  with a baked finish.Primary filter : FB-15The primary filter is made of five layers of nonwoven polypropylene fabric.The five layers  provide a filtration rate of 95% or higher for particulates of 45 μ and larger.Secondary filter : CHF-1714-30A high-performance polypropylene filter is provided to prevent entry of dust particles into the control room in the event the primary filter becomes damaged.Exhaust filter (HEPA) : HEP-1714-30The HEPA filter provided as standard equipment offers a filtration rate of 99.9% for particulates of 0.3 μ and larger. It complies with cleanliness class 1,000.

AT2 Panel of CHV-030AD-HC-V1 (Operation Panel)

AT2 Panel of CHV-030AD-HC-V1 (Operation Panel)/Capacity level (Tact switch)These buttons are used to adjust the suction power of the dust collector.The capacity level can be seto to one of five levels.Display panelNumeric display: Indicates current operating pressure.C.F : This indication appears when the capacity decreases due to a clogged filter or other reasons.ON/OFF(Tact switch)
Remote cable: Sold separatelyThe use of a remote cable(sold separately),enables remote operation linked with peripheral equipment.This connector is used to input an operation signal for remote operation, or to output a signal.●Type of Remote Cable(Sold separately): MT-173-8 (3m)■ AC  Adaptor (Sold separately)Adaptor for AC100V (24V5A) Adaptor for 200-240V without plug-socket■ DC Adaptor (Sold separately)Only Jack pin of a plugJack size: 2,5mm( Screwing type)

Outline drawing of the CHV-030AD-HC-V1

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