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Compact・High suction power at an affordable price

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CKU-050-SP

Air Blower Type For Ordinary Environments  Secondary filter : CHF-2525-50A high-performance polypropylene filter is provided to prevent entry of dust particles into the control room in the event the primary filter becomes damaged.Primary filter : FB-25The filter bag is made of five layers of nonwoven polypropylene fabric.It offer a filtration rate of 95% or higher for particulates of 45 μ and larger.This model is compact in size (footprint): 260 x 260 x 306 H) and offers high suction power (1.75 kPa) at an affordable price.It is also lightweight, weighing only 8.7 kg in total. The unit can be positioned horizontally or vertically for use. The high static pressure so that pre-treatment equipment such as a cyclone unit can be connected.The use of a brushless motor has reduced power consumption to 80 W.The one-touch ON/OFF switch is an illuminated type. CKU-050-SP* connected to cyclone (example)(* Existing suction flange must be replaced with φ38 flange.)Recommended cyclone: SCC-60-10, SCC-60-13-SUS

Detachable flange (Replacement flanges are sold separately)

Detachable flange (Replacement flanges are sold separately)

Outline drawing of CKU-050-SP

Outline drawing of the CKU-050-SP

Specifications of CKU-050-SP

CKU-050-SP Type   Type   Type  
CKU-050-SP仕様 Output 50W Frequency 50/60Hz Noise 60dB
Voltage/ Phase 100V phase Standard current 1.2A Suction port (Hose size) Ф50×1
Compartibility 200-240V Suction air volume 2.5㎥/min Weight(Kg) 8.7kg
Compartibility CE Suction static pressure 1.75kPa Dimension(mm) 306×260×274

Measurements obtained in Scale A (dBA) from a randomly selected position at a distance of 1 m using a unit with a hose connected to its suction port.
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