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PRECAUTIONSRead the instruction manual carefully and use the product correctly.● Use the product for sucking up dry,non-explosive dust.● Do not use the product in places where flammable, explosive or corrosive mist, smoke or gas is accumulated or located nearby.● Do not suck up the following substances:♢ Flammable substances・・・Gasoline, Thinner benzene, Kerosene, paint,  Ozone, Volatile organic compounds, etc.♢ Corrosive gas・・・Hydrogen chloride, Formic acid, Ozone, Fluorine,etc.♢ Explosive dust・・・Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc, Epoxy, Cobalt, Silicon,  Toner, Flour, Sugar, Gum,Rabber, etc.♢ Dust containing sparks・・・Dust containing sparks generated by high-speed cutters, Grinders, Welding machines, etc.♢ Fire sources・・・Cigarette, Ashes, etc.♢ Others・・・Water, Steam, Oil, Lampblack, Chemical liquid, etc.

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