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Dust collecting mechanism and features of the SK-250AT

This high-performance dust collector is designed for use in general environment.
The filter can be replaced easily by opening the front skeleton panel.
The primary filter is a pack type so it can be replaced without dirtying your hands.
The second filter is a cylindrical type.
This dust collector offers high air flow efficiency and provides high suction power despite its compact size. ATRoHSCEAir Blower Type For Ordinary Environments  ● Suitable for use with laser marking equipment that is used for experiments or evaluations or   operated for a relatively short period of time.● Suitable for extracting less sticky fumes, such as metal and glass fumes.● Low operating sound of 54dB is unnoticeable even in a quiet worksite.     (3) High-efficiency filter (tertiary filter)CHF-2525-50This filter adsorbs microscopic particulates that exit the activated carbon filter and further purifies the discharged air. This filter also prevents activated carbon particles from entering the blower side.(2) Activated carbon filter (secondary filter)Type:-ACC-2525-75STFine particulates not trapped by the primary filter are removed by the granular activated carbon in the secondary filter.This filter removes odors at the same time.(1) Prefilter (primary filter)Type:CHF-2222-40Particulates increase in size when they collide onto the unique structureof the primary filter, so they are efficiently collected by the filter.The filter cassette contains a pleated polypropylene filter element. The primary filter is disposable and easy to replace.
Displays filter clog conditionOverload: When the motor current exceeds 150% of the rated value for a period of one minute or more, the indicator lights and the dust collector stops operating.Temperature abnormality: When the motor temperature rises abnormally high, the indicator lights and the dust collector stops operating.These buttons are used to adjust the suction power of the dust collector. The capacity level can be set in seven steps.ON/OFF (Tact switch)

Outline drawing of SK-250AT/450AT-HI/750AT-PM

Outline drawing of SK-250AT/450AT-HI/750AT

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