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High -performance Dust Collector

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the SKV-900AT-PM-HC-V1

This high-performance dust collector is designed for using in Clean Rooms.
The filter can be replaced easily by opening the upper-side skeleton panel.
The Primary filter is a pack type so it can be replaced without dirtying your hands.
The second filter is a cylindrical type.
This dust collector offers high air flow efficiency and provides high suction power despite its compact size. ATRoHSCEAir Blower Type Clean Room  ●The digital operation panel enables easy grasping of operating conditions based on the information of fan control 
 and general pressure level, and also allows centralized control of equipment operation.
●Filter clog sign (operating pressure condition)
 (a)Remote control
 (b)Output of operation signal (Refer to the section on AT panel for details.)
●The primary filter chamber and secondary filter chamber are independent and easy to inspect.
●The primary filter chamber is provided with a dust shake-off handle for the removal of clogs.
   Turning the handle back and forth in the left and right directions shakes off the dust adhered on the primary filter
   to remedy the clogged condition.
Displays filter clog conditionOverload: When the motor current exceeds 150% of the rated value for a period of one minute or more, the indicator lights and the dust collector stops operating.Temperature abnormality: When the motor temperature rises abnormally high, the indicator lights and the dust collector stops operating.These buttons are used to adjust the suction power of the dust collector. The capacity level can be set in seven steps.ON/OFF (Tact switch)

Outline drawing of SKV-900AT-PM-HC-V1

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