CBA 1000 Series

Suction power will not decrease during extended use or suction of highly viscous fumes caused by laser marking, which typically cause filter clogging.

High pressure
AT3 panel
Dust removal function Vibration type
ROHS compliant as standard
where a delivery date is specified, we can deliver a model that is compatible with CE standards.
For Installation inside inside clean room


Cassette type deodorizing filter
Uses a cassette filter incorporating zeolite(combined filter and fume adsorbent substance). Zeolite is scattered by sucked in air and instantaneously laminated onto the filter surface,to prevent the adhesion of fumes to the filter surface.

Control panel

AT3 panel

See features page for more details.

Ethernet / RS-485

Option feature

All functions that can be operated on the AT3 panel can be operated by a PC with Ethernet or RS-485 communication.

Remote control

Remote cable

(sold separately/model: Using MT-173-8 (3 m) enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

Motor cable receiving port on main body
  • 1.Operation input signal
  • 2.Operation pressure signal (DC1-5V)
  • 3.Filter clogging signal
  • 4.Remote-control operation switching input signal
  • 5.Operating signal
  • 6.Abnormality signal
  • 7.Change of operating level input signal (DC0-5V)
  • 8.Gnd
Operation ON/OFF
Change capacity level (air volume)

List of application

Removal of dust during
headlight production

Removal of dust when
manually marking duracon

Removal of dust when
laser processing bearings

Removal of dust when
marking resin connector

Removal of dust from
silicon isolator



Product structure and features

1.Easily removable flange

The size of the flange at the suction port can be changed with a single touch.
Note:Please set the diameter of the exhaust flange to be wider than the suction flange.

2.Primary filter

Uses a cassette filter incorporating zeolite (combined filter and fume adsorbent substance).

Filter cleaning function[Vibration type]

When the device stops after cumulative operating time exceeds one hour, the shaker arm automatically vibrates the back of the filter.This causes the primary layer of the filter to peel off/drop off, and returns the filter to its initial condition.
If you need to use the high speed automatic shaker function before an hour has elapsed, the shaker can be manually operated via the panel.

Shaker arm

With high speed automatic shaking function

We have accelerated the shaking process after the device switches off to 20 seconds (previously lasted 55 seconds).This has improved operational efficiency and enhanced dust removal performance.

*Compared with our existing products

3. Secondary filter

Protects electric parts from dust.

4. Blower

Blower suction pressure automatically increases according to the load of the primary filter. Suction power is not affected by accumulated loads.

5. Activated carbon cassette

Odor-absorbing cassette type activated carbon. Easy to replace.

6. Exhaust filter

Equipped with standard HEPA filter.
Complies with clean class 100,000 – 10,000.
Collection efficiency is 99,97% or larger for particulates of 0.3 μ .

Filter Type

Model Primary filter Secondary filter Exhaust filter Activated carbon filter

(Activated carbon amount approx. 3kg)

CBA-1000AT3-HC-DSA-V1 HDF-3535-120-ZEO CHF-2030-50 HEP-3220-69 ACC-3220-100

Easily Detachable Flange Type (sold separately)

Size Type
φ38 FRJ-D-38-35-108
φ50 FRJ-D-50-35-108
φ65 FRJ-D-65-35-108
Note:Please set the diameter of the outflow flange to be wider than the suction flange.

List Of Specifications

Model Output Voltage Frequency Rated current
CBA-1000AT3-HC-DSA-V1 500W 100V (single phase) 50/60 7.8A
air flow

static pressure
Noise level

Suction port
(hose) size
Suction port sold separately
(size can be changed)
3.2㎥/min 9.3-9.5kPa 54-59dB φ75 φ65 ・φ50 ・φ38
To be used
with 200-240V
CE compliant Panel Power cable Filter cleaning function
AT3 3m Vibration type
Remote control
Suitable for use
in clean rooms
Primary filter

Mass Main body dimensions
1.5L 32.5kg 405×386×512mm
*1 Maximum air volume: 2.7 – 2.9 ㎥/min when zeolite is deposited.
*2 2.5㎥/min (CBA-1000AT3-HC-DSA-V1-T) for voltage 200 V voltage only.
*3 Measurements obtained in Scale A (dBA) from a randomly selected position at a distance of 1m using a unit with a hose connected to its suction port.
*4 Because the device uses zeolite, the primary filter capacity will differ from the dust collection capacity.
Note:Contents may change without notice.