CMP Series

CMP series dust collectors are medium size with medium pressure / high air blower capability.

Suitable for sucking in surrounding air by using a hood with large opening area or by branching to multiple hoses.

Medium pressure
AT3 panel
Dust removal function Pulse type
ROHS compliant as standard
where is delivery date is specified when we delivery model that is compatible with ce standard
For Installation inside a clean room
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Easy dust disposal

Dedicated antistatic plastic bag (garbage bag) is installed to ensure dust can be easily disposed of.
This material prevents static electricity being generated and minimizes scattering of dust when collected dust is withdrawn.
Antistatic plastic bag model: DP-1055-450E

Enhanced compatibility with options

Complies with cleanliness class 1,000-100

HEPA filter can be installed with custom specifications. Suitable for clean room.

Inspection window wiper

Adhered dust can be removed by the wiper installed on the inspection window, making it easier to check the condition inside.

Exhaust flange

Exhaust can be directed outside by attaching a flange to the exhaust port.

Control panel

AT3 panel

See features page for more details.

Ethernet / RS-485

Option feature

All functions that can be operated on the AT3 panel can be operated by a PC with Ethernet or RS-485 communication.

Remote control

Remote cable

(sold separately/model: Using MT-173-8 (3 m) enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

Motor cable receiving port on main body
  • 1.Operation input signal
  • 2.Operation pressure signal (DC1-5V)
  • 3.Filter clogging signal
  • 4.Remote-control operation switching input signal
  • 5.Operating signal
  • 6.Abnormality signal
  • 7.Change of operating level input signal (DC0-5V)
  • 8.Gnd
Operation ON/OFF
Change capacity level (air volume)

List of application

Static elimination; removal of dust adhering to meter panel with air blower

Removal of dust from car components with air blower

Static elimination; removal of adhering dust on car bumper

Removal of floating dust before pasting on LCD / OLED panels




Product structure and features

1. Primary filter

The product uses a teflon microporous cylindrical filter. This is an effective filter for removing dust with pulses.

2. Filter cleaning function [Pulse type]

Filter cleaning is carried out using pulse air(compressed air)to ensure suction power is not diminished.

3. With high efficiency motor installed

Compact design achieved through installation of high efficiency PM motor.Installation space is approximately half the amount required for a commercially available three-phase induction motor.

4. Dust box

Carefully designed structure minimizes scattering of dust when opening/closing the drawer. Collected dust is stored in a dedicated antistatic plastic bag, which is easy to replace.

5. Flexible suction port loaction

Suction port can be located at either side.

Filter Type

Model Primary filter
Common type for standard / custom model Number Total filtration area
CMP-750AT3N CS-175-300-63P-R 6.0㎡
CMP-1500AT3N CS-175-500-63P-R 10.0㎡
Model Air intake and exhaust for cooling inverter Exhaust HEPA filter

Nonwoven cloth Filter (when using HEPA filter)
CMP-750AT3N PS300N HEP-1293-33 HEP-5040-80
CMP-1500AT3N PS300N HEP-1293-33 HEP-5040-80
*1 Can be used in a class 1,000-100 clean room

List Of Specifications

Model Output Voltage Frequency Rated current
CMP-750AT3N 1000W 200V (three phase) 50/60Hz 6.5A
CMP-1500AT3N 1500W 200V (three phase) 50/60Hz 9.3A
air flow
static pressure
Noise level

Suction port
(hose) size
Compressed air
consumption volume
15.0㎥/min 5.0kPa 57-68dB φ125 17L/min(Connection port φ8)
 27.5㎥/min 5.0kPa 57-68dB φ150 17L/min(Connection port φ8)
air pressure
To be used
with 200-240V
CE compliant Panel Power cable
0.4-0.6Mpa Standard AT3 5m
0.4-0.6Mpa Standard AT3 5m
Filter cleaning function Remote control
Suitable for
use in clean rooms

Dust collection
volume capability

Pulse type OP 20L 125kg
Pulse type OP 20L 133kg
Main body dimensions
*1 Measurements obtained in Scale A (dBA) from a randomly selected position at a distance of 1m using a unit with a hose connected to its suction port (Pulse noise removed)
*2 Can be used with options.
*3 As a reference, the dust collection capacity is about 70% of the amount that can be withdrawn.
For custom order machines, “-V1” is added to the end of the product model number (compatible with cleanliness class 1000-100).
“-E” is added to the end of the product model number for customer order machines (conductive painting specifications).


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