SK Series

A high performance dust collector that can be used for general environments.  The filter can easily be replaced by opening the skeleton panel at the front.  The primary filter is a bag type, so can easily be replaced without getting your hands dirty.  In addition, the secondary filter incorporates a cylindrical filter for improved air flow efficiency.  This ensures that the dust collector is very powerful despite its compact size.

Air blower type
AT panel
ROHS compliant as standard
For general environments
where a delivery date is specified, we can deliver a model that is compatible with CE standards.
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SK series

The front opening is made of transparent polycarbonate resin, so you can check the status of the filters during operation.

Control panel

AT panel

See features page for more details.

Remote control

Remote cable

(sold separately/model: Using MT-173-8 (3 m) enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

Motor cable receiving port on main body
  • 1.Operation input signal
  • 2.Operation pressure signal (DC1-5V)
  • 3.Filter clogging signal
  • 4.Remote-control operation switching input signal
  • 5.Operating signal
  • 6.Abnormality signal
  • 7.DC 12V (MAX 100mA)
  • 8.Gnd
Operation ON/OFF
Change capacity level (air volume)

List of application

Static elimination; removal of dust adhering to cosmetic bottle lid or compact surface with air blower

Removal of dust from forming mold with air blower

Static elimination; removal of dust and dirt from parts feeder

Static elimination; removal of dust and dirt on pachinko machine surface


Product structure and features

1. Primary filter

Filter bag is made of five layers of nonwoven polypropylene fabric. The five layers have different air permeation rates to minimize clogging and provide a filtration rate of 95% or higher for particulates of 45μ and larger. The five layer filter also offers high overall strength;thus, it does not tear easily unlike a paper pack. The clear window provided on the filter shows the amount of collected dust even during operation.

2. Secondary filter

Polyester molding filter installed. The outside frame of the filter is made of ABS resin and is designed to ensure easy maintenance.
Filtration efficiency is over 99% for 10μ particulates.

SK series

For general environments

Filter Type

Model Primary filter Secondary filter Exhaust filter
SK-250AT FB-700-16 CS-300-150
SK-450AT-HI FB-700-22 CS-300-200
SK-750AT-PM FB-900-25 CS-300-250

List Of Specifications

Model Output Voltage Frequency Rated current
SK-250AT 250W 100V (single phase) 50/60Hz 6.5A
SK-450AT-HI 500W 100V (single phase) 50/60Hz 10.0A
SK-750AT-PM 500W 200V (single phase) 50/60Hz 7.0A
air flow
static pressure
Noise level

Suction port
(hose) size
5.5㎥/min 1.85kPa 50-67dB φ75
9.5㎥/min 2.5kPa 57-68dB φ100
13.0㎥/min 3.4kPa 60-64dB φ125
Model To be used
with 200-240V
CE compliant Panel Power cable
SK-250AT AT 3m
SK-450AT-HI AT 3m
SK-750AT-PM Standard AT 3m
Remote control
Suitable for use
in clean rooms
Primary filter
Mass Main body dimensions
3.0L 22.3kg 376×396×424mm
5.0L 35.2kg 493×476×514mm
8.0L 46.5kg 581×526×579mm
*1 Measurements obtained in Scale A (dBA) from a randomly selected position at a distance of 1m using a unit with a hose connected to its suction port.


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