SHP Series

This is a high static pressure/medium air volume dust collecting device.This dust collector is suitable for processes requiring high static pressure suction, such as substrate division, and removal of adhered dust. The compact structure and minimal installation space required for this device ensures it is highly space efficient.

High pressure
AT3 panel
ROHS compliant as standard
Back wash type
For Installation inside inside clean room
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Equipped with high pressure brushless motor
This device has a high-pressure brushless motor mounted, ensuring high power dust collection with performance quality maintained at a high level even when used with a thin nozzle or suction port. (Recommended for substrate divider lines and battery production lines with high dust volumes)
Large inspection window
You can check the dust removal efficiency, suction status, filter condition etc. from the large inspection window.
Dust pan
A large volume of dust can be collected in the dust pan when collecting with multiple branches. Dirt and trash can disposed of easily, even when present in large quantities.

Control panel

AT3 panel

See features page for more details.

Ethernet / RS-485

Option feature

All functions that can be operated on the AT3 panel can be operated by a PC with Ethernet or RS-485 communication.

Remote control

Remote cable

(sold separately/model: Using MT-173-8 (3 m) enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

Motor cable receiving port on main body
  • 1.Operation input signal
  • 2.Operation pressure signal (DC1-5V)
  • 3.Filter clogging signal
  • 4.Remote-control operation switching input signal
  • 5.Operating signal
  • 6.Abnormality signal
  • 7.Change of operating level input signal (DC0-5V)
  • 8.Gnd
Operation ON/OFF
Change capacity level (air volume)

List of application

Removal of dust when perforating PET bottle labels

Static elimination; removal of dust particles from film surface

Removal of dust particles created by cutting lithium-ion battery electrodes

Removal of dust particles when cutting or drilling board dividing machine

Collection of dust particles created by drilling board dividing machine





Product structure and features

1. Primary filter

A conductive filter is installed as standard to prevent the generation of static electricity. The collection efficiency is 0.5 μ 99.9% or larger.

2. Secondary filter

The device is equipped with a
high-performance filter to protect electric parts from dust.

3. Exhaust filter

The device is equipped with a HEPA filter and can be used in a clean room.(Clean class 1,000)

4. Filter cleaning function (Gyro air Type)

Remove the adhered particles on the filter with compress air blow for approx. 20 sceonds.
(The device will operate at level 1 for approx. 30 seconds at the same moment to prevent reverse flow)
The filter cleaning function will be operated automatically when:

5. Dust pan

Dust collected in the dust box can be easily removed and disposed of.

Filter Type

Model Primary filter Secondary filter Exhaust filter
Filter type Motor cooling
intake side
Motor cooling
outflow side
SHP-1000AT3 CS-200-300-75P-E CHF-2525-50 HEP-3030-69  AE-100 113 x 47 HEP-1293-33
SHP-1200AT3 CS-250-300-93P-E CHF-2525-50 HEP-3030-69  AE-100 113 x 47 HEP-1293-33
SHP-1600AT3 CS-300-300-112P-E CHF-3030-50 HEP-3535-69  AE-100 113 x 47 HEP-1414-33

Easily Detachable Flange Type (sold separately)

Model φ38 φ50 φ65
SHP-1000AT3 FRJ-D-38-35-108 FRJ-D-50-35-108 FRJ-D-65-35-108
SHP-1200AT3 FRJ-D-38-35-108 FRJ-D-50-35-108 FRJ-D-65-35-108
SHP-1600AT3 is an iron flange. Please contact us if you wish to change the diameter of the flange.

List Of Specifications

Model Output Voltage Frequency Rated current
SHP-1000AT3 1200W 200V (single phase) 50/60Hz 11.0A
SHP-1200AT3 1200W 200V (single phase) 50/60Hz 11.0A
SHP-1600AT3 1800W 200V (single phase) 50/60Hz 11.0A
air flow
static pressure
Noise level

Suction port
(hose) size
Compressed air
consumption volume
4.5㎥/min 12.5kPa 55-70dB φ75 70L/operation
6.0㎥/min 13.5kPa 55-70dB φ75 70L/operation
6.8㎥/min 16.0kPa 55-70dB φ100 70L/operation
air pressure
To be used
with 200-240V
CE compliant Panel Power cable
0.4-0.5Mpa Standard AT3 5m
0.4-0.5Mpa Standard AT3 5m
0.3-0.4Mpa Standard AT3 5m
Filter cleaning
Remote control
Suitable for use
in clean rooms
Dust collection
volume capability

Gyro Air Type 8.8L 45.0kg
Gyro Air Type 8.8L 56.0kg
Gyro Air Type 15.6L 64.0kg
Main body dimensions
*1 Maximum specified pressure:13kpa
*2 Measurements obtained in Scale A (dBA) from a randomly selected position at a distance of 1m using a unit with a hose connected to its suction port. (Pulse noise removed)
*3 The dust collectable capacity is about 70% of the withdrawal capacity as a guide.


Note:Contents may change without notice.